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Hit The Beach, Japanese Style

For an elevated nautical experience, The Beach House offers a tasty and modern trip to play in the sand. And when I say play in the sand, I really mean drinking the most delicious coconut mojito you’ve ever tasted (seriously, it tasted like a coconut creamsicle).

The space is really modern, with lots of wood furnishings and exposed dangling bulbs intertwined with boat line. Nautical elements like ocean blue hues and open treasure chests remind you where you are, as does the tasty seafood.

What’s really unique is the food has a Japanese twist, thanks to owner Kane Xu, who shared stories about each dish as I ate. While Xu travels to NYC’s Chinatown to get the wonton skins for the goat cheese wontons served with pepper jelly, the New York Strip Steak features a gorgonzola crust and Japanese “seven spice” (shichimi togarashi).

I absolutely loved the Oysters Rockefeller, made with fresh blue point oysters and swapping in bacon fennel cream for crust (so you can actually taste the shellfish!).

Love #brunch? Norwalk offers a weekend escape from #NYC full of hip, boozy options!

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A tasty and boozy lunch at The Beach House


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