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Fresh seafood and craft cocktails make Beach House Café a must-visit summer spot.

Photos by Sandro Art & Photography

Since reopening in 2016, Beach House Café in Old Greenwich has become a local favorite. It’s not hard to see why. The interior has a beachy-chic vibe, with two charming dining rooms framed in white wainscoting and seafoam-colored walls. On beautiful days, the French doors that line the restaurant let in a breeze that almost makes you forget you’re not vacationing in a New England beach town. And while the interior is inviting enough, people come back, again and again, for the food.

The cuisine is New England-style seafood with an Asian flare. Starters range from fried calamari to goat cheese wontons, a mix of goat and cream cheeses, lightly fried, and served alongside pepper jelly (what’s not to love about that, right?). There is also an array of vibrant salads and flatbread pizza (truffle oil and mushroom or yellowfin tuna) to set the stage for the entrées.

Mains include seafood risotto, speckled with lobster, shrimp, and scallops, and dressed in a luxurious truffle-Champagne butter. Beach House does a classic fish n’ chips with Creole tartar sauce, as well as Chilean sea bass in a miso or black bean sauce.

Landlocked offerings include orange-soy-glazed cracklin’ duck with ginger-carrot purée and filet mignon in a brandy-peppercorn sauce. To accompany the dishes, the craft cocktail menu brings summery rum mojitos and seasonal sangrias to the table, as well as sophisticated bourbon-infused Old Fashioneds.

Recently, Beach House opened a second location in South Norwalk, directly across from the Maritime Aquarium. While it still carries over the beachy feel, the vibe is a bit more urban, which lends itself perfectly to SoNo’s up-and-coming landscape.



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If you’re on the hunt for a seafood restaurant the mixes an upscale dining experience with a touch of seaside ease, look no further than Old Greenwich’s Beach House Cafe.

The eatery is decorated with photos and paintings of seaside escapes, including portraits of ocean waves and clear skies that line the walls in both sections of the 60-seat main dining room. The restaurant is framed in classic white wainscoting, with ocean-inspired blue and green walls and ceiling. These offset the circular bar, which seats 16 and is flanked by plush bar stools.

The eatery was reopened in the fall of 2016 by restaurateur Kane Xu, who aimed to revamp the coastal-themed interior, while preserving the character of the neighborhood favorite.

The menu is a refresh, too, offering an upscale, Asian-inspired take on a number of your seafood favorites. An organic salmon summer roll includes cucumber, avocado, tobiko (flying fish roe) and spicy mayo wrapped in rice paper. Sashimi tuna is served atop a light, fluffy flatbread and drizzled with spicy mayo and minced avocado and tomato.

A spicy seafood soup is a total crowd-pleaser, with shrimp, mussels, calamari, tilapia, mushrooms, scallions and a spicy tomato broth that delivers a pleasant kick.

You won’t want to miss the grilled octopus either, which sits above a bed of Brussels sprouts, baby arugula, cherry tomatoes and a balsamic glaze.

The risotto is a true standout. The creamy, comforting vegetable creation is served with a medley of seafood, from lobster and shrimp to scallops, all amid a truffle Champagne butter.

Xu hopes to recreate the success of his Greenwich restaurant at another location. Last summer, he rebranded his South Norwalk comfort food eatery, Mama’s Boy, as a second outpost of Beach House Cafe.

“As bold as it may have seemed to some, for me, it made perfect sense to create a seafood restaurant located in a coastal community, just steps away from the Maritime Aquarium and the Seaport Dock,” Xu said. “And the seafood concept is really where we shine.”


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Residents of Greenwich are no strangers to The Beach House Café located on Sound Beach Avenue in Old Greenwich. The restaurant, with its beachy-chic interior and seafood fare with a fresh, Asian twist, has been a local favorite since it was re-opened in 2016 by restauranteur Kane Xu.

Just recently The Beach House Café opened a second location in South Norwalk, directly across from the Maritime Center. While it retains a nautical theme with reclaimed wood, dock-line roping, seaside prints and dock-master lanterns, the vibe here is edgier, more urban, lending itself perfectly to the SoNo landscape.


I had the opportunity to visit the new SONO location for brunch a few weeks ago and was struck by the Southern influence, though perhaps I shouldn’t dismiss the fact that the restaurant’s current location once belonged to Mama’s Boy, known for its Southern cuisine. The Brunch Menu boasts a great many choices, seemingly something for everyone, unless you’re like me, indecisive with an extensive palate and healthy appetite.


We started off with the Gorilla Bread, a giant cinnamon roll, filled with cream cheese, dulce de leche and praline pecans. While not something I would have ordinarily ordered, preferring the savory to the sweet, I was quite taken. My attempt to have just one bite proved futile. The stuffed, soft cinnamon roll on steroids, was indeed an unexpected treat. This is something best shared with a friend… or two.


Should you prefer something a bit savorier, I might steer you to the Fried Wontons filled with cream cheese and a delightful pepper jelly that offers a kick of spicy sweetness. (Before I continue, a note of forewarning: You may want to hit the treadmill or a spin class before dining here.)


In my opinion, brunch isn’t brunch without a good egg dish. Here the Benedicts (Egg, Lobster, and Crab Cake) won’t disappoint.  The Lobster was my favorite with a healthy portion of meat from the claw. The Crab Cake was so incredibly light it seemed devoid of the prerequisite breadcrumbs. The Hollandaise sauce (the same on all) was on point with a vibrant note of lemon on top of perfectly poached eggs with bright yellow yolks that burst forth when pierced by forks and knives. My only slight criticism, the English muffins could have stood for a bit more toasting. But that’s easily remedied.


For those of you hailing from the Deep South, or just wish you did, you might find that the Chicken and Waffles, Chicken Fried Steak and Shrimp and Grits will remind you of Grandma’s home cookin’. The marinated, crispy battered chicken and waffles was complemented by the Habanero jelly and Brookside Farms Maple Syrop. But it was the Habanero Jelly that truly stood out. Don’t let the name alarm you, the heat is mild and the sweetness is all there too.


I got to sample my first ever Chicken Fried Steak and I dare say it won’t be my last. Tender, crisp, and highly flavorful, the steak was accompanied by a smoked paprika pork sausage gravy, breakfast potatoes, and a fried egg. Forgive me for saying so but I’d trade the gravy, potatoes and egg for another slab of beef. This New England gal by way of New York City may not have grown up on Shrimp and Grits, but I know what I like, and this hit the spot. Succulent pieces of shrimp sit atop a bowl of light, creamy grits, paprika-smoked tasso (pork), spring onions and pimento gravy. This is truly one of the better Shrimp and Grits I’ve had locally.


Now some say that brunch isn’t complete without a Bloody Mary. The Bloody Mary here was stupendous, bursting with flavor, almost thick enough to chew. Perhaps you want yours spiced up some? You can ask for the Ring of Fire, complete with Jalapeno peppers. Perhaps Jerky is your thing, then you won’t go wrong with the Big Ol’ Boy.

A disclaimer; I don’t do Mimosas – I don’t want anyone diluting my Champagne, but to each his own…

The Beach House Café SoNo is located at 19 North Water Street in South Norwalk directly across from the Maritime Aquarium. Because of its location, I absolutely would not hesitate to bring my kids for lunch or for an early dinner.


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Beach House Cafe is well known in the Old Greenwich dining scene. It re-opened in Fall 2016 under restaurateur Kane Xu (formerly of the popular French-Asian Fusion eatery in Cos Cob, Nuage), who transformed it into modern day seafood house and craft cocktail bar. Local food enthusiasts soon caught on to this local destination for market fresh fish, icy raw bar offerings, comforting risotto and paella dishes, as well as prime steaks and chops, solidifying Beach House Café as a Greenwich restaurant worth the visit.

The bar at Beach House Cafe

The bar at Beach House Cafe

Upon the success of Beach House Café, this past summer Xu, who in 2016 had taken over South Norwalk’s low-country cuisine locale, Mama’s Boy, made the bold move to convert this SoNo southern respite into another Beach House Café.  Xu, along with Executive Chef Jose G. Flores (from Harbor Lights in SoNo), introduced a menu with a bit of Asian flare, New England style seafood influences, and a few classics from Mama’s Boy.

Goat Cheese Wonton

Goat Cheese Wonton

We were invited to sample their brunch menu. We enjoyed a mix of Mama’s Boy’s classics and some new creations. Brunch started with Fried Goat Cheese Wontons mixed with cream cheese, served on pepper jelly followed by Oysters Rockefeller with fennel bacon cream and a Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad with golden raisins, parmesan cheese, and a walnut Muscato vinaigrette.

Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and Waffles

The Chicken and Waffles was one of my favorite main dishes. A different presentation, you’re served a waffles and 3 pieces of marinated country fried chicken with habanero jelly and Brookside Farms Maple Syrup. The chicken was well-seasoned and crispy. Another good thing to note, it’s on the brunch, lunch and dinner menus, so whenever you’re craving comforting deliciousness, get this.

Shrimp and Grits

Shrimp and Grits

Also on their menu all day is the Shrimp and Grits, which comes in a good-sized portion. The creamy grits was topped with delicious shrimp, smoked tasso (pork), spring onion, and pimento gravy.

Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake

For dessert, we enjoyed Coffee Cake sans the ice cream and whipped cream. Served warm, this coffee cake is one of the best we’ve had. It’s not too sweet.

Coconut Mojito

Coconut Mojito

On the Drinks menu are a good selection of wine and beer, along with cocktails, including a Coconut Mojito, Dutch Boy (Ketel One vodka, fresh lemon, simple syrup, and Champagne), and a Mama’s Boy classic, the Best Dang Manhattan.

Dutch Boy

Dutch Boy

For the younger diners, you’ll find the usual kid-friendly dishes priced from $8 to $10. Our daughter enjoyed the Organic Chicken Tenders with French Fries.

Beach House Cafe
19 N Water Street
South Norwalk CT 06854
Tel: (203) 956-7171

Beach House Cafe


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Rediscovering South Norwalk

Hovering at a stoplight, overpassing the Norwalk River, I revel in the familiarity of South Norwalk and wonder what to uncover about this well-known Connecticut neighborhood.

Steps from Washington Street, Pedego is showing coastal visitors that there’s more than one way to enjoy South Norwalk. From beach cruisers to city commuters, tandems and trikes, visitors can buy or rent a variety of bikes for an afternoon of sightseeing. Pedego makes biking accessible to everyone: the Boomerang features a low step-through design, and the Trike provides stability and safety. Pedego is blazing the way for electric bikes in Connecticut.

South Norwalk has become as familiar to me as the hum of crossing the drawbridge. Yet, there are times, when I feel as though I’m a first timer again. That can be the most rewarding.

I stopped by a family-owned boutique in the heart of South Norwalk, Simple SONO offers a unique shopping experience to entice even the most reticent shoppers: from the sun-bathed walls to soy-based candles, warmth and comfort radiate throughout the store. Staple pieces of natural, high quality fabrics designed with coastal living in mind offer a polished and relaxed look for both men and women.

Just next door at Salon Etre, conversation flutters in the air as patrons relax beneath high ceilings and exposed brick, natural light filling the space. It lacks the frenetic energy so often found in busy salons, as highly trained stylists work with expert ease. Footrest up and head back, I melt into a clarifying treatment I didn’t know I so desperately needed, transforming my mane into a whirl of shine and brilliance.

Beach House, located a few streets away, offers a reprieve from the action of Washington Street. This contemporary American seafood restaurant serves up trusted crowd-pleasers: oysters can be enjoyed raw or as Oysters Rockefeller, following up with spicy tuna tartar. The chef whips up a well-loved dish with a twist: squid ink pasta takes the place of grains in a rich seafood risotto, and with just enough room left, one taste of the monkey bread with cream cheese filling has me making plans to return for brunch.


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January 24, 2018, Fairfield County CT: Restaurateur Kane Xu, no stranger to the Greenwich dining scene (formerly of the popular French-Asian Fusion eatery in Cos Cob, Nuage) re-opened the Beach House Café in Old Greenwich in the fall of 2016, taking this beachy neighborhood tavern to a whole new level, transforming it into modern day seafood house and craft cocktail bar. Local food enthusiasts soon caught on to this local destination for market fresh fish, icy raw bar offerings, comforting risotto and paella dishes, as well as prime steaks and chops, solidifying Beach House Café as a Greenwich restaurant worth the visit.

Beach House SoNo is nautical in theme, taking a page from an oceanside hotel bar and restaurant. Dockline roping drapes above the reclaimed wood-paneled bar. Massive boating prints, hanging canoes, mounted oars, and dock master lanterns complete this waterside retreat.
Sunday brunch, live music by local artists, and private party capabilities round out the Beach House Café experience.

Last weekend I was treated to an incredible brunch at Beach House SONO (South Norwalk) and even though the weather outside was freezing, once inside it felt like I stepped into summer.  For Sunday brunch there is live music provided by Blue Valley Entertainment, who played a great mix including 311 and The Offspring.  The restaurant itself is decorated with nautical ropes, model ships, and distressed wood.  However, it doesn’t go overboard and get kitschy, everything is tastefully done.

We started out with a meat a cheese platter.  Everything is locally sourced.  So, I need to find the blueberry goat cheese because it was divine.

The Coconut Mojito.

I usually always start with a traditional mimosa.

Tito’s Green Boy.

The Ring of Fire Bloody Mary.

Gorilla Bread needs to become a staple for brunch.  A cinnamon roll filled with cream cheese and ice cream.  See it deconstructed below.

Gorilla Bread opened up. Mmmm….

Shrimp and Grits. Forever my favorite brunch item.

Pear Necessity.

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict.

I’ve never had chicken fried steak before today, and it was amazing!

Best Dang Manhattan.

This might have been my favorite dish of the day.  Goat Cheese Wontons lightly fried, served over pepper jelly.

Kane Xu truly uses only the best ingredients and this is a great example of that.  He travels regularly to Flushing, Queens to get the wonton shells for this starter. I lived in Queens for eight years and know that if you want the best, authentic Asian cuisine you go to Main Street Flushing.

Goat cheese and cream cheese wonton filling.

Salmon BLT.  The salmon was cooked perfectly light and flaky.

Tuna Tartare.

Deviled Eggs.

To complete our brunch we all decided to share a piece of the Pistachio Cake.  What a mistake that was.  This was so delicious and light that even having tasted all the brunch items we all suddenly realized we could have eaten a piece each.

Guess I’ll just have to go back and have it again!

Beach House SONO was the perfect beachy atmospheric brunch even in the bitter cold weather.  Sitting up at the table listening to live music while sipping on delicious cocktails and watching kids across the street excitedly running into the Aquarium really was an enjoyable Sunday morning.  I’m looking forward to returning in the warm weather!


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Hit The Beach, Japanese Style

For an elevated nautical experience, The Beach House offers a tasty and modern trip to play in the sand. And when I say play in the sand, I really mean drinking the most delicious coconut mojito you’ve ever tasted (seriously, it tasted like a coconut creamsicle).

The space is really modern, with lots of wood furnishings and exposed dangling bulbs intertwined with boat line. Nautical elements like ocean blue hues and open treasure chests remind you where you are, as does the tasty seafood.

What’s really unique is the food has a Japanese twist, thanks to owner Kane Xu, who shared stories about each dish as I ate. While Xu travels to NYC’s Chinatown to get the wonton skins for the goat cheese wontons served with pepper jelly, the New York Strip Steak features a gorgonzola crust and Japanese “seven spice” (shichimi togarashi).

I absolutely loved the Oysters Rockefeller, made with fresh blue point oysters and swapping in bacon fennel cream for crust (so you can actually taste the shellfish!).

Love #brunch? Norwalk offers a weekend escape from #NYC full of hip, boozy options!

where to go in connecticut

A tasty and boozy lunch at The Beach House


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